We offer IANTD-SSI training program, as well as SSI professional training program, including TXR instructor program.


List of SSI training Programs/Specialties we offer:

Orientation to Snorkeling Snorkeling Course
Try Scuba Pool Try Scuba Open Water
Scuba Diver Indoor Diver
Open Water Diver Scuba Skills Update
Advanced Adventurer Specialty Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver Master Diver
Specialty Boat Diving Specialty Science Of Diving
Specialty Deep Diving Specialty Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2 (40%)
Specialty Navigation Specialty Night Diving and Limited Visibility
Specialty Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Snorkeling
Specialty Stress&Rescue Specialty TechXR Advanced Decompression
Specialty TechXR Advanced Nitrox Specialty TechXR Decompression Procedures
Specialty TechXR Normoxic Trimix Specialty TechXR Technical Foundations
Specialty Wreck Diving Century Diver
Gold 500 Diver Platinum 1000 Diver
Dive Guide Divemaster
Dive Control Specialist Instructor Training (ITC)
ITC completed Specialty Instructor
Advanced Open Water Instructor Dive Control Specialist Instructor
Specialty Instructor Snorkeling Century Instructor
Gold 500 Instructor Platinum 1000 Instructor
Scuba Ranger Special Buddy Ranger
Special Civics Ranger Club Event
Special Computer Ranger Special Equipment Ranger
Special Kilometer Ranger Special Marine-Life Ranger
Special Maze Ranger Special Navigation Ranger
Special Night Ranger Special Rescue Ranger
Special Search Ranger Advanced Ranger
Intermediate Ranger Master Ranger
React Right First Aid and CPR